Do you want to live a life filled with meaning?

When we encounter challenges in life, often we discover somehow, that we can’t find a centre, a way to cope. What is it all about? Studies measuring meaning and purpose in life have found that meaning in life lessens uncontrollable stress and substance abuse, depression, anxiety and self-derogation among others. This meaning or deepest human value, this WHY, points us to reach beyond ourselves, to enrich our lives, to unfold a deep fulfilment in our work and personal lives. I can help you to find this WHY?

“…this striving to find a meaning in one’s life is the primary motivational force in man.” 

Viktor Frankl

I can help…

If you seem to be directionless.

If you feel limiting beliefs or fear are holding you back.

If you want greater clarity around what you really want, what is important to you and what your purpose is.

If you feel as if you’re just existing, rather than living; and keep doing the same things over again, with very little growth.

If you feel stuck in difficulties.

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Self-Help Workbook

Transform Difficulties Into Triumphs in 30 Days. A Story-Based Workbook

What People Say

“Carol Knox’s story-based workbook is a true gem with highly relatable and relevant stories about human triumphs in the face of adversity and pain. The workbook provides helpful cues for reflection and highlights specific aspects of healing stories that connect to your own life experience. What’s more, the workbook prompts you to come up with your personal actions to put your reflections into practice in your life, thus making your insights immediately – and meaningfully – actionable. Frankl’s concepts really come to life – in your life – transforming suffering, pain and difficulties into uniquely human triumphs. Your triumphs!”

Sabine Indinger Logotherapy Practitioner and Logotherapy @Work Coach, Austria.

“The capacity to turn tragedy into triumph is a Logotherapy theme that Carol Knox has picked up throughout her self-help workbook. She challenges the reader to do it in 30 days and hence the book itself is arranged around 30 day by day stories, action plans and personal reflections.

…This could be a powerful 30 day journey, or more like 30 weeks, that could change a life. It is most likely to be used by dipping into one or a few of the stories rather than the more demanding 30 day journey. It is a book that all logotherapists might consider putting in their reference library of client resources.”

Paul McQuillan Director at LifeChange Therapies Brisbane, Australia.


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