Purpose in Life Linked to Better Health and Higher Income


In a recent article in Forbes titled: The Financial Value of Having a Purpose in Your Life by Pavel Krapivin, he mentions a study (A Sense of Purpose Predicts Greater Income and Net Worth), which indicates that:

Having a sense of purpose appears adaptive for health and well-being.


Participants who reported a higher sense of purpose had higher levels of household income and net worth initially, and were more likely to increase on these financial outcomes over the nine years between assessments.

See also this article: A purposeful lifestyle is a healthful lifestyle: Linking sense of purpose to self-rated health through multiple health behaviors.

He further writes that in a Deloitte study of young people in 2018, it was found that there was a:

worrying divide between expectations around purpose and the ability of employers to provide it.

Given the above, we can see that a sense of purpose can not only improve the quality of life and health of individuals, but also lead to greater working success.


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Photo by Juan Cruz Mountford on Unsplash

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