Reviews for Transform Difficulties into Triumphs in 30 Days

Review from Japan

Review of Transform Difficulties Into Triumphs in 30 Days by Paul McQuillan Director at LifeChange Therapies, Brisbane, Australia. Many thanks Paul for taking the time to review this work  “The capacity to turn tragedy into triumph is a logotherapy theme that Carol Knox has picked up throughout her self-help workbook. She challenges the reader to do it in 30 days and hence the book itself is arranged around 30 day by day stories, action plans and personal reflections.

From the organization of chapters there seems to be an assumption that the book will be picked up by someone at the bottom of their trough in life, the first chapter, This too shall pass, implies as much as does the second Finding something to live for is critical. Knox then moves the reader through searching for meaning in life and particularly a focus on Finding meaning from suffering. As the reader learns to be compassionate with the self and to appreciate the life they have, the turning point in therapeutic terms seems to be intended on day 13 Your watershed moment.

However, Knox also suggests that it is possible to select any particular story simply for its inspirational message. Hence the person feeling on top of their game right now might choose to begin at Day 26 Igniting humour.

Although themes of choice and responsibility light and darkness are still approached in the second half of the book the movement is towards the capacity to see beyond the self to a bigger picture so that by Day 25 It is time for self-transcendence. This is a real Logotherapy theme, we can only find meaning ultimately by looking outwards, beyond the self…

…This could be a powerful 30 day journey, or more like 30 weeks, that could change a life. It is most likely to be used by dipping into one or a few of the stories rather than the more demanding 30 day journey. It is a book that all logotherapists might consider putting in their reference library of client resources.”

Review Sabine Indinger


Review from Japan


Review Carol Barton UK

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