Love Can Come to the Rescue – Day 4 from Transform Difficulties Into Triumphs in 30 Days


Excerpt from Day 4 of the self-help workbook: Transform Difficulties Into Triumphs in 30 Days. A Story-Based Workbook. 

“Story (Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning): Stumbling through darkness and over icy stones and other obstacles in the cold and the unseen, everything was hushed except for the shouting of guards, a person marching beside me whispered quietly behind his hand: “If our wives could see us now! I do hope they are better off in their camps and don’t know what is happening to us.” This created an unspoken bond between Viktor Frankl and his marching mate, who knew that each was thinking of their wife. Occasionally looking up at the sky, Viktor was still able to appreciate the pink morning peeping into the day. The image of his wife swam clear and acutely into his mind, imagining her look, her answers to his conversation. It was this look, which Viktor saw so precisely, that he called “more luminous than the sun”. It was through this experience that Frankl was able to say that, “the salvation of man is in love and through love.” 

Story Essence: The experience of love is essential to the quality of our lives. It is the appreciation of what is beautiful, authentic and genuine about another which gives meaning to our lives. It is through thinking lovingly of those who are beloved that we can endure even awful circumstances and still know a kind of happiness.

Specific Action: Think about your experiences of the value of what is loving, beautiful and true. How do you experience this love, beauty and truth in your life? It can be through the love of a romantic partner, a relative, a companion pet or simply a friend. Write down your thoughts about these feelings and experiences. Whenever you find yourself sinking into despair, choose instead to reflect on this beauty…”

Inspirational video here: Love and the Positive in Your Life


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