Let me help you through challenging times

Hi, it’s Carol Knox and I want to tell you why I am passionate about coaching work. I am a life coach who specialises in helping folks discover their unique life purpose and meaning in life especially in difficult or challenging times. Because I have been through many major changes in my own life, divorce, single motherhood, full-time work and study, loss of loved ones, aging and illness, I made a decision to move to the Cape four years ago. My focus is to bring my life experience in finding my own WHY  and purpose to help you to find yours including what I have learned in my PHD research.


I have developed a programme to help you through based on the thought of Viktor Frankl, (part of my PHD research) and personal experience. I offer customised coaching as well as a structured 12-week programme, we will decide which is best together. This potentially life-changing process will take you step by step towards a more fulfilled life.

A lack of meaning might be called a malaise of our times. When we encounter challenges in life, often we discover somehow, that we can’t find a centre, a way to cope. What is it all about? Studies measuring meaning and purpose in life, found that meaning in life mediated uncontrollable stress and substance abuse, depression, anxiety and self-derogation among others. This meaning or deepest human value, this WHY, points us to reach beyond ourselves, to enrich our lives, to unfold a deep fulfilment in our work and personal lives.

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I have worked my whole life in education and training as well as in business soft skills training. I have practiced mindfulness for more than 15 years. I love working with people and my personal life meaning and purpose is to guide you to discover yours.


I work on Skype or LiveCoach   I also offer secure coaching via Doxy.me These methods are convenient because we can connect from anywhere and it is confidential since we are not eyeballing each other and we have the support of our voices or video on any of these platforms.

According to Viktor Frankl:

“…meaning must be found and cannot be given.” 

I have also launched a self-help workbook called: Transform Difficulties into Triumphs in 30 Days. A Story-Based Workbook. Available for pre-order and available at these stores: Barnes and Noble Kobo  Angus and Roberson

Want to know more? Speak to me by reaching out using the contact form below to request a free 15 minute Skype session! In this discovery call, you can ask questions and find out more about life coaching.



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