Grief and Bereavement Companion Caregiver

I offer grief and bereavement outreach as a companion worker/caregiver. I offer this as a result of receiving requests for assistance with grief experiences. John Welshons, in his book entitled Awakening from Grief, states:

“So there is no way to apply systems, rules or emotional road maps. Our
job is to be a presence, rather than a savior. A companion, rather than a
leader. A friend, rather than a teacher.” (p 159).

The work that I do is based on the Companioning Model of Bereavement caregiving developed by Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt and it is one in which we as bereavement caregivers help people to integrate life’s losses by being present with them—”companioning“.

In using  this model of bereavement caregiving, the helper:

  1. “Listens in a supportive manner to individuals’ concerns.
  2. Helps disaster survivors recognize that, in most cases, their emotional reactions
    are natural, normal, and to be expected.
  3. Assists survivors to reduce additional stress by organizing and prioritizing day-to-day and recovery-related tasks.
  4. Helps individuals to understand and recognize the wide range of reactions to
    trauma, such as numbness, frustration, confusion, anger, anxiety, sadness, and
    feelings of helplessness.
  5. Assists individuals to draw on their own strengths and develop healthy coping
    mechanisms that permit them to gradually resume their pre-disaster level of
  6. Sensitively and caringly helps individuals to grieve their losses in their own
    unique ways.
  7. Systematically draws upon an array of recovery resources for appropriate referrals.” (With thanks to the “Grief Counseling Resource Guide. A Field Manual“).

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