How to Reduce Stress

How to Reduce Stress Cover


“Carol was able to break down the idea of mindfulness when it comes to approaching our stresses and teaches you to use it as a tool to overcome the daily problems of life. It was a very cool and logical approach to things, one that could be easily replicated in real life and be immediately used to better your situation.” – Readers’ Favorite 

This How to Guide, gives you simple practical ideas for reducing your stress, that you can apply from day one.

1. What is stress and how does it affect physical and emotional health?

2. Look at ways to cope with stress

3. Use mindfulness meditation techniques

4. Create positive and meaningful personal contacts

5. Explore ways to create emotional health.

This ebook helps you to learn to identify stress, establish what situations, thoughts or feelings stress you out and learn ways to reduce this stress. Identifying mind traps, will help you to become more aware of your thinking patterns and enable you to be more mindful of them, allowing you to increase your resilience to stressors and life difficulties. Overall these techniques will lead to an improved quality of life over time.

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