Announcing my self-help workbook available for pre-order called:

Transform Difficulties into Triumphs in 30 Days. A Story-Based Workbook

Launch the 24th April 2019.

This workbook offers daily ways for you to overcome difficult situations, or life transitions, to help you to find the WHY that will energise and animate your life. In finding your own WHY, in discovering your meaning and your purpose, your pain will be lessened. You will discover ways to unfold meaning, as well as a personal calling, through tasks that you can fulfil, relationships that you can strengthen and enrich, and attitudes that you can develop and cultivate. The workbook can be used flexibly, daily, weekly or by selecting days that resonate with you.

This practical, inspiring, and potentially life-changing workbook will take you step by step through a process towards a more fulfilled and enriched working and personal life.

Buy directly on PayHip

Also available in these stores: Barnes and Noble Kobo Angus and Roberson

Others coming soon.

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