Martin Brits, D.Div.
Provides Integrative Spiritual Training & Transformational Coaching. Spirit Director & Leadership Development Consultant.

“Carol is an experienced and talented coach who has the ability to unlock the potential in any individual. She worked with me in optimising educational and coaching strategies that will ensure vocational satisfaction and continual personal development.

A rare combination of academic expertise, dedicated educator, and coach – she can offer deep understanding and mindful respect towards the nature of human existence and their significant role in life. Years of experience as training specialist has made her effective in the guidance she gives while bringing clarity to the stories that unfold collectively and individually towards greater purpose and meaning with formidable impact to reduce trauma and stress.”

Sam Corprate Trainee:

“You made such a positive impact on my life. Your calm and quietness really captured my attention and made me aspire to reach the same place in my life. I was so miserable in most of last year but this year has been wonderful. I have found an amazing job and the energy here keeps me going and makes me really look forward to a work week. I never knew work could be so enjoyable!

I thank you still for all your teachings. I feel you not only did what was asked of you, but you excelled, which is why I still think of you to this day.”

Recommendation from Sulla Smit at New Minds Consulting:

“Carol’s vast experience in the realm of personal development and education is unparalled in KZN. She applies immense passion, innovation and creativity to enlighten, inspire and enrich not only minds, but souls, through all her endeavours.”

Published by Meaningful Living Coach

Life Coach specialising in meaningful living/life purpose and mindfulness coaching via Skype. New 12-week psycho-education coaching, or a 30-day or 30-week coaching plan and other customised programmes available on Skype or face-to-face in Cape Town, South Africa. I offer coaching for life transition/change, retirement, challenging or traumatic times. I am a personal, meaningful living coach, eTutor, UpSwing Coach and teacher, currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. My interests range from mindfulness meditation to discovering meaning and purpose, for myself and others, Viktor Frankl, and compassion.